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Experiencing pain from a car accident? Whether you’re suffering from whiplash, neck pain after a car accident, back pain after a car accident, or another type of car accident injury or pain, the team at The Orthopedic Health Center can help. Let us be your doctors and help you start feeling better today!

Did you know that some car accident injuries and conditions may not appear until hours, days, or even months after the accident? It’s possible to walk away from the scene with no obvious injuries or pain, only to need the help of an orthopedic doctor later. If you have back pain after a car accident, neck pain after a car accident, whiplash, or joint pain after a car accident, give us a call – let us help you start feeling better!

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Finding the treatment that’s right after a car accident is our focus at The Orthopedic Health Center. We use non-surgical treatments whenever possible. When you do need surgery, our expert surgeons help you heal faster and with less pain. All right in your neighborhood: Hoboken and Jersey City.

The Right Diagnosis: Sprains, Strains and Other Injuries

If you have pain after a car accident, call us today. We can help figure out what is causing your pain and how to treat it. We use advanced testing, including EMG/NCV, and always consider your personal experience in our evaluation – and we can get you for an appointment the same day you call!

Comprehensive Care for Pain After a Car Accident

At The Orthopedic Health Center, we favor a non-surgical approach to car accident injuries whenever possible. After we’ve exhausted those options, you may still need a surgical procedure. Either way, we’ll first figure out the cause of your pain and make a plan to treat it.

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