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Back pain and back injuries are considered one of the most common signs of aging. Waking up in the morning, bending down to reach for something, and exercising without stretching might be easy-as-pie one day and much more difficult the next. The back is made up of a complicated system of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and everything in between, and it’s the part of the body that holds up the entire upper half.

Because of how human bodies are made, the back is subject to constant strain, meaning that a singular wrong move could topple the whole complicated system in one go. Doctors report that back pain or back injury is one of the leading causes for missed work, and it is one of the largest causes for disabilities, as well.

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Back pain can come in many different forms and can look many different ways. It is easy to prevent back pain, and easy to treat, as well, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful if you’re suffering. Back pain exists on a spectrum of severity, and it can range from stabbing pain to a low muscle ache, but it can also cause pain in your legs when you’re walking and moving.

“Back pain” is the broad term for this ailment, but there are many specific types of back pain that might prove more serious if left untreated. As such, make sure that you reach out to a medical professional if you have back pain that doesn’t abate after a few weeks, even with rest, heating, and icing. Additionally, if you’re feeling muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling, you should also call your doctor.

Causes and Risk Factors

Common back pain causes are:

  • Straining your ligaments and muscles
  • Arthritis
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Lifting or movement that consistently requires the use of the muscles in your back

Other factors might cause back pain, but trust what your body is telling you regarding pain severity and potential causes. If the situation is serious, seek help.

Additionally, if you are older in age, rarely exercise, smoke, lift boxes and heavy objects incorrectly, or if you are overweight, you are more at risk for developing back pain or experiencing a back injury.

With back pain, it is important to get a proper diagnosis as to the cause of the back pain. This can be achieved through physical examination, as well as diagnostic imaging including x-rays, MRI, etc.

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Treatment and Prevention

Prevention is always the best form of treatment, and there are ways to lower your chances of experiencing back pain, as well. Exercising regularly and keeping your weight at a healthy level are big ones that are required to lower your risk of back pain. You can also work to build up the muscles in your back and practice good posture when you’re sitting and standing. Stretching is another strategy to prevent back pain and injury.

As with many injuries and pain that radiate from the back and spinal area, treatment includes: medication (over the counter or otherwise), muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, pain management injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic.


Back pain is, at best, a nuisance, and – at worst – a literal pain. Rather than forcing yourself to deal with this pain, give us a call. You don’t need to suffer. Our team of orthopedic spine specialists has years of experience treating back pain and back injuries. Schedule your initial consultation in either Hoboken or Jersey City!

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