From injuries to chronic conditions, the Orthopedic Health Center has the solutions you've been looking for.

No longer is it necessary for patients and their families to travel to New York City for expert orthopedic surgery now the finest surgeons are right in your neighborhood.

The Orthopedic Health Center favors a non-surgical approach to care whenever possible. However, we recognize that the ongoing health and well-being of the patient often depends upon a surgical procedure. After exhausting all possible non-surgical options, we are proud to turn to our outstanding orthopedic surgeon Edward Feliciano, M.D.

Selected for his advanced education and experience, as well as his prestige within the surgical field, Dr. Feliciano is renowned for world-class orthopedic care. He is widely published and highly respected in the field of orthopedic surgery.

Located in Hoboken, New Jersey, The Orthopedic Health Center has the expertise of Edward Feliciano across the full spectrum of orthopedic subspecialties. With advanced training at top programs, our physician is well-equipped to handle even the most challenging joint conditions, specializing in a range of surgical options including minimally invasive orthopedic joint surgeries, sports medicine, and shoulder and knee arthroscopy.

For the convenience of our patients, The Orthopedic Health Center works with most insurance plans that offer out-of-network coverage benefits. Most patients have insurance options that allow us to fully treat their joint conditions, while respecting their healthcare budgets. To learn more about our accommodating insurance and financing options, contact The Orthopedic Health Center today. Chances are, we will be able to see you!